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Our range of 100% pure essential oils capture the purity and potency of nature. Made from indigenous New Zealand flora, Mānuka and Kānuka. Our pure plant oils have been carefully extracted for their natural antibacterial properties. Discover nature’s most efficacious gift with our range of pure essential oils, guaranteed to revitalise, calm and uplift your sense of wellbeing.

Manuka Oil MBTK 25+ 10ml

Manuka Oil MBTK 25+ 10ml

Renowned for maintaining healthy skin, this essential oil is a true saviour for problematic skin con..

HKD$190.00 Ex Tax: HKD$190.00

Manuka Oil Lower Aroma MBTK 40+ 10ml

Manuka Oil Lower Aroma MBTK 40+ 10ml

More potent, more concentrated, less odour. Specially distilled to remove the high no..

HKD$220.00 Ex Tax: HKD$220.00

LEMA Oil 10ml

LEMA Oil 10ml

Developed in-house, by our own R&D team, LEMA® oil is our proprietary, patented and highly syner..

HKD$240.00 Ex Tax: HKD$240.00

Kanuka Oil  10ml

Kanuka Oil 10ml

An aromatic oil, ideal as a massage oil for sports enthusiasts or for those wanting to relax and unw..

HKD$160.00 Ex Tax: HKD$160.00

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