Manuka Oil

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Mānuka Oil

The real secret of the Mānuka plant is not simply in the honey produced from its flowers, but in the oil extracted from the brush. The Mānuka leaf is a small spiky leaf that contains the essential oil. We gently steam distil, using pure New Zealand water, to concentrate the goodness and produce the purest essential oil.

Nature’s secret ingredient

To meet the worldwide demand for this incredible product, our landowner partners are now developing and managing high-yield Mānuka plantations, employing people from their local communities to support and nurture our seedling forests. It is a true collaboration, bringing an exciting future for us all as well as new opportunities for global healthcare.

Harvesting a viable future

Our Mānuka trees are harvested in the most sustainable way possible to ensure they continue to flourish and grow over their 20-30-year life cycle. Only the top part of the tree is harvested either by hand or our custom designed mechanical harvester. This method also helps create even more delicious flowers for our bees and more prolific brush for our oil.

Expertise in plant science

Developed in-house, by our own R&D team, LEMA® oil is our proprietary, patented and highly synergistic blend of the most active concentrated portions of both Mānuka and Tea Tree essential oils. 

The process we used concentrates the most active components of both oils via a controlled natural non-chemical distillation. The concentrates are then subsequently formulated accordingly to our microbiologists’ test results to produce a synergistic oil of more potent and active properties than the sum of the two individual oils on their own.

As Mānuka experts, our dedicated team of scientists continue to research and investigate the potency of Mānuka’s plant actives.  We know that Mānuka oil is naturally rich in β-triketones. β-triketones are a group of organic compounds, high in antibacterial property and are beneficial against harmful bacteria that live on the skin's surface.

Processing backed up by science

As with our honey operations, we have set out to always be world-leading in this area. Backed up by our constant and dedicated research into Mānuka oil’s unique properties, we guarantee the potency, purity and quality of our Mānuka oil from extraction to bottling.

A wonderful aspect of processing Mānuka oil is that there is literally no waste – from the brush comes mulch which is used to fertilise our own plantations or sold on to local garden centres.

Quality contained within

All our Mānuka oil is scientifically proven to be incredibly high in β-triketones. This amazing compound gives us the strong antibacterial properties sought after by health and well-being specialists and experts worldwide.

Look out for the MβTK™ quality mark on the label when you buy Mānuka oil to verify the content and percentage of Mānuka β-triketones.

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