Manuka Honey

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Mānuka Honey

One of nature’s truly incredible and unique ingredients, our Mānuka honey is sourced and processed with the utmost care to ensure its finest quality, highest purity and richest natural compounds. From our landowner partners, to the beekeepers, extraction and processing team, we are all very passionate about bringing you only the best Mānuka honey.

Sourced from nature

Our landowner partners secure tracts of their land where the native Mānuka tree grows naturally in deep valleys and areas difficult to reach by vehicle.

We take great care when working in these incredibly ancient and stunning natural environments, often flying the hives in to secure the ultimate location for our hives with minimal disturbance to the land.

A passion for bees

Our loyal workers, the bees are at their busiest collecting pollen from the Mānuka flower throughout spring.

All our hives are placed on well-researched sites to ensure our bees can access plenty of pollen. Fitted with GPS monitoring technology, each of our hives is looked after carefully throughout the honey season. All our beekeepers are very experienced and absolutely passionate about caring for our bees.

Highest quality processing

To ensure we don’t lose even the smallest amount of the quality and richness delivered by our honey bees, we have world-class, RMP registered and certified facilities keeping the essence of our gorgeous Mānuka products contained from the hive to the jar.

Quality you can trace

Through our Mānuka Originz™ programme, from the moment each hive is positioned within the Mānuka forests to the point where the honey from each individual hive is filled into the jar, we track, trace and monitor every ounce of Mānuka honey we produce.

You can then enter the batch code of the honey you have purchased to find out where it comes from.

That is how you know our honey is 100% authentic.

We are a UMF® licensee who you can trust (UMF License No. 2015).

All our Mānuka honey is tested, certified and graded as UMF®.

This verifies the real Mānuka content in our honey.

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